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A selection of my contributions on Twitter in the last week. The world in 140 characters!

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  • UK Government has issued details of plans for mandatory pre-claim conciliation for employment tribunals; a sensible idea. Mediation works!
  • This is getting serious. Government insists it will pass  laws on pay cuts  if unions reject deal    ‪ … via ‪@IrishTimes
  • Very disappointing that Mediation Bill will not be published until 2014. Our presidency of the EU will get the blame but it’s needed soon
  • Avoiding conflict, managing & resolving workplace disputes! ‪  If you’re still awake
  • It would be interesting to hear a perspective on Croke Pk 2 from the dole queue! Particularly the protection of wages up to €65k.
  • CIArb Ireland organising an ‘introduction to Mediation’ course. May 23rd. Dublin. More on ‪ 
  • House Bill to close US National Labor Relations Board will not be taken up by the Senate, but a clear message about the future of the NLRB
  • New Jersey & NY set up voluntary mediation programme for insured victims of Superstorm Sandy with “open & unresolved 1st party insurance claims.
  • 9/10 top global pharma co’s operate in Ireland. Novartis to create 100 medical comms & digital marketing jobs in new Dublin business centre
  • Staff handbooks are a great resource for employees & employers. But does anyone ever read them before they show up as evidence at a tribunal
  • EU Court of Justice rules women and men must be equally treated when it comes to early retirement support to ‪#farmers:‪ 
  • UK CA rethink on Halsey mediation rules comes as Sup Ct J. Clarke says guidance to cts on referral to med wd be helpful. At launch of ‪#DDRC
  • English Court of Appeal suggests a rethink of the prohibition on court-ordered compulsory mediation ‪ …
  • New EU Directive on consumer ADR imminent. Retailers should get ready! it’ll be a ‘Trust Mark’  ‪#ADR ‪#DDRC
  • Ironic how judiciary is such strong advocate of ADR while business twiddles its thumbs & stumps up the legal costs! Are yiz mad? ‪#DDRC ‪#ADR
  • Disappointing news. Minister Shatter says Mediation Bill won’t be published until early 2014. At launch of Dublin Dispute Resolution Centre
  • Shatter says Ireland can become centre for international arbitration & dispute resolution.  Dublin Dispute Resolution Centre ‪#DDRC launch
  • Courts can only decide legal rights; mediators have many more tools! Clarke J. At launch of Dublin Dispute Resolution Centre. ‪#DDRC ‪#ADR
  • The Dublin Dispute Resolution Centre DDRC (opening this evening) will also promote Ireland as a seat for international arbitration
  • 51 organisations worldwide certified as ‘Democratic Workplaces’ ‪  via ‪@sharethis

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