Workplace Solutions can offer employment law and related training suited to your company or organisation needs. The following are examples but these can be customised to your needs

Basic introduction to practical employment law

(For line managers/local or part time union representatives )

The full course presentation (5 modules) takes about one day. However it can be delivered in module form as suits. We recommend the first two modules as a basic grounding  in the principles. This takes a half day and includes case studies and role play in dispute handling. In-company the half day costs €595 with a maximum of 15 participants. The full days programme costs €950.

  1. Managing Discipline & Grievance, Fair procedure, Complaints 
  2. Contracts of  employment, Terms of employment information
  3. Recruitment & Appointment
  4. Employee rights Wages, Working time Leave
  5. Employee benefits, Privacy issues,  data protection, internet use etc

Labour Law; trade union rights to employee rights

For Senior HR/ T.U officials or those with an interest in labour history

  1. The fight for trade union recognition 1798-1906
  2. Twentieth century developments to the 1970′s
  3. Employment Rights law; principles and practise
  4. Fair procedure
  5. Trade union recognition today

Collective Bargaining

    1. A guide to the principles and practice
    2. Negotiating techniques
    3. Partnership alternatives
    4. The institutions of dispute resolutions
    5. Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques

Prices on application as generally additional preparation will be required to suit.