Equality & Diversity

Equality & Diversity

Equality & diversity are an asset in the workplace…not a burden.

Implementing policies and practices that respect the individuality and background of all employees will create better workplaces. (See blog March 2013 on improved parental leave arrangements)

It starts with a different mindset, helped by supporting the implementation of that mindset with a set of reminders to all your people in the workplace as to what is expected and what will happen if behaviour falls short of these expectations.

So embrace equality, and then set about making it part of the fabric of your workplace.

Areas where difficulty can arise are cases of alleged harassment on any of the prohibited grounds, or issues arising around maternity leave.

We will help you do this or advise if a complaint has already been made. Ideally we will help the parties sort out difficulties through informal processes such as mediation.

The objective is to ensure that the workplace is still one in which parties who previously had a difficulty can continue to work together.


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