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Bullying Solutions / Investigations

You have had a bullying complaint. What do you do next? You may need a reliable independent investigation and we can provide one. We will also provide independent advice on dignity at work policies and compliance.

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There are several other reasons why you may need the services of an expert investigator when you see bullying. It is an intrinsic (but separate) part of the disciplinary process, but any time you need an independent examination of an issue we can help. We have also experience in general and corporate investigations. Please enquire.

Where this is a simple or minor issue a local manager or the HR department may be able to get to the bottom of it. But reading the case law from the courts and the EAT you’d be shocked at how many times internal investigators seriously mess up. Sometimes early intervention will stop a flashpoint issue getting any worse.

Very often it’s not quite that simple.

Either the issue is complicated, as in bullying or harassment cases, and/or the process required to investigate it needs to conducted with scrupulous regard for independence, fairness and thoroughness.

And as the perception of bias can be a factor in the credibility of the investigation, often only a neutral third party with the necessary skills can offer the independence that the process requires.

Those skills include a knowledge of best practice and the legal expectations of fair procedure, and where these apply in an investigation. A particular hazard to be avoided is making a finding of culpability. An investigation may best be described as a precursor to, but not a part of the disciplinary process.

scan-131170003Pat Brady is an Accredited Workplace & Corporate Investigator (CIArb). You may also view the Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators here which governs his conduct of investigations (See Part 2 of the Code).

For training in investigations, or the conduct of an investigation contact pat.brady@workplacesolutions.ie or ring 086 2587940 or follow Twitter