Just a sample of the calls we deal with and some of the answers we can give. To get all the answers…..you have to be a client or subscribe to Workplace Connect!!! Every one of these is a real case!

    1. Can I get a visa for a Brazilian national?
    2. Do I have to pay a staff member who is out sick for three weeks
    3. Is sick pay a legal requirement
    4. What is the leave entitlement for St Patrick’s Day and Good Friday
    5. Can I force an employee to work a public holiday and what do I pay them?
    6. Is there an entitlement to paternity leave?
    7. One of my employees will not return her Terms & Conditions of Employment..what can I do?
    8. I’ve discovered one of my staff is buying personal petrol on the business account, how do I take action legally?
    9. Can Workplace Solutions do a draft employee contract for me? (We can)
    10. I’ve just got a letter from a local solicitor on behalf of someone I sacked claiming unfair dismissal, can you advise me? (Yes)
    11. Will you represent me at the EAT or Right’s Commissioner (Yes, we did 30 cases in the last year)
    12. One of my employees just walked out on Saturday. What is my position?
    13. I recently recruited a new counter assistant. On her third day she told me she was pregnant. Now she’s been out sick for three weeks. Can I let her go? (Don’t even think about it!)
    14. Can I have a rate of pay lower than the national minimum wage if productivity payments bring it above the NMW?
    15. Do I have to legally pay overtime to staff who work in excess of 39 hours?
    16. My cleaner works nights on her own and I have just found out she is pregnant. She hasn’t told me yet, what should I do?
    17. My employee says I have to roster her in such a way that she can claim social welfare! Do I?
    18. Can I give my employees their pay slips by email?

 Every day, it’s something new…. We helped them..And we’ll help you!

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