HR support-Workplace Connect

HR support-Workplace Connect

With all this employment law about there is a danger that the old fashioned business of managing people in the workplace (aka HRM) will become a lost art! Too many managers think in terms of grievance and discipline procedures when a bit of management strategy is what is required.

While the framework of employment rights legislation is an all enveloping cloud which all workers and managers must constantly remember don’t let yourself become strait jacketed in the culture of law when a bit of people management is what is required.

Let us help you with advice on  strategy and tactics to navigate safely through workplace problems BEFORE they become emplyoment rights issues. Human Resource Management still LIVES!

Your Partner in Business…Workplace Connect.

Why not consider the option of an annual support service; just like your software support, insurance etc.

The fee will vary and depends on the number employed but especially for employments with 10 or fewer workers we will give excellent value. 

So no need to think twice about lifting the phone when you have a problem; it’s part of your annual fee and will give you a minimum number of hours support in the year.

An Annual HR support fee might cover (you choose)

  1. Initial compliance audit
  2. Making good compliance deficit (on site)
  3. Initial three hours training in principles of employment law and practise
  4. Supply of annual records material; working time & annual leave records, employee discipline records etc
  5. Up to 10 hours support per year, (in person, on line or by telephone) including Quarterly e-zine
    • General advice on dispute handling
    • Drafting of all correspondence to claimants, grievants etc or to third party representatives up to but not including processing for EAT etc hearing